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Welcome to NovoMixo

Mixing Cultures, Crafting Cocktails

NovoMixo is not just a brand; it's a revolution in the world of mixology. We bring together the finest mixologists from around the globe, each an artist in their own right, to craft cocktails that are as diverse as they are exquisite. Our mission is to blend cultures and flavors, creating a unique experience in every glass.

Our Mission

At NovoMixo, we believe that a cocktail is more than just a drink; it's an experience, a story, and an expression of culture. Our mission is to revolutionize the world of mixology by blending cultures and flavors, creating a unique and unforgettable experience in every glass.

Who We Are

NovoMixo is a collective of world-renowned mixologists hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds. From the traditional to the avant-garde, our mixologists are united by a common goal: to push the boundaries of what's possible in a cocktail glass.

Our Philosophy

The Art and Science of Mixology

We see mixology as both an art and a science. It's an art because it requires creativity and intuition to craft the perfect cocktail. It's a science because it demands precision and a deep understanding of flavors and techniques.


We are committed to sustainability and responsible sourcing. Our cocktails feature organic, locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible, and we are constantly exploring ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Our Values


We're not just following the trends; we're setting them. Our mixologists are constantly experimenting with new techniques, flavors, and presentation styles to create cocktails that are as innovative as they are delicious.


Every cocktail crafted under the NovoMixo brand meets the highest standards of quality. From the ingredients to the presentation, no detail is too small to deserve our attention.

Global Influence

Our mixologists come from diverse cultural backgrounds, and this diversity is reflected in our cocktails. We believe that the best cocktails are those that tell a story, blending flavors and techniques from around the world.

Published on 20 April 2023 12:00 AM